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The American-style latte was invented in 1958, at the classic California beatnik coffee shop, Caffe Mediterraneum.

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A hot cup of java in the office lifts morale, improves efficiency, and extends a warmer guest experience to both customers and prospects. We make sure you have what you need in your break room to make the right impression without busting your budget.

First, we start by assessing your brewed-beverage service needs and provide a fresh, small-batch, hand-roasted Baton Rouge Blend coffee or tea that suits all of your expectations for that perfect cup of coffee. We roast our coffees WEEKLY and only deliver what you can use for your office while it’s at its freshest.

coffeeservice_officeNext, we set up the high quality, commercial-grade brewing and service equipment necessary to transform that Baton Rouge blend into a phenomenon that energizes the office daily.

Finally, we’ll stock your supplies so you have everything you’ll need to provide a remarkable brewed-beverage experience to your guests and staff.

As the only local Organic Certified Coffee Roaster in the Baton Rouge area, and great believers of finding that just-right taste for you, we can easily provide custom roasts and grinds upon request.

In a pinch? Call our Emergency Service Line, and we’ll do our best to rush deliver the supplies or equipment you need to get back up and happily sipping.


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