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Brazil is the world’s largest supplier of coffee beans.

Bean Selection

Developing Our Blend Is A Passion…
The Rest Is A Science

Roasting great coffee starts with selecting and blending the best coffee beans. When John Melancon decided to roast coffees especially for River Road Coffees’ customers, he asked some of the most experienced coffee blenders in the industry for their thoughts and recommendations on building the perfect RRC green coffee blend. Then, he consulted local coffee aficionados in order to ensure that the unique flavor remained true to it’s Louisianian roots. He wanted only the finest Arabica coffees measured in the right amounts to go into making the Baton Rouge Blend. The resulting mixture had to produce a consistently smooth, never bitter, yet robustly flavorful brew. One sip, and we think you’ll agree that all the effort it takes to make River Road Coffees produces an unmatched cup of coffee.roasting_beanselection

However, picking the perfect coffees for our signature blend is no easy task. To enhance our expertise, the RRC Team works to constantly improve and expand our tasting palate by frequently cupping a variety of blends and roasts.  Every country, every region, and every shipment of green coffee is different, so our roastmasters work with experts from each region to select beans that maintain our high standards of flavor consistency. Broken beans and poor quality beans containing fewer oils will roast poorly, and chaff will burn easily, so these must be avoided. Our suppliers know the high-quality beans we expect, and they help us narrow down our choices to the varieties that meet our exacting standards. We purchase the best green coffee bean varieties based on the ones that may produce the best flavors and aromas.

Once selected and hand-blended, we roast up a few batches and “cup” the brewed coffee to check for the exact flavors we taste for. So as you can imagine, the art of roasting gourmet coffee starts from the very beginning of the bean selection process. After several rounds of tasting (cupping) trial-and-error, we measure and note the proper roasting time and temperature precisely, so the perfect RRC roast is always achieved. This is what it takes to create the River Road Coffees you know and love, every single time. Enjoy!!

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