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Fun Fact

Regular coffee consumption is linked to long-term health benefits, such as decreased risk of heart disease and cognitive decline.

Mission & Goals

coffeeservice_missiongoalsFrom our very beginning, River Road Coffees (RRC) was built on the idea that our friends and neighbors deserved a uniquely special coffee service experience for their restaurants and businesses. So, we set out to provide them with a solution, starting with hand-blending the finest whole-bean Arabica coffee, roasting it weekly in small batches, and delivering only what you can use while it’s at its freshest. We even trademarked our exclusive Baton Rouge Blend!

Then we really pushed the envelope, providing top-quality commercial-grade equipment, special condiments and supplies, and expectations-exceeding service. Because of this, our customers expect something different from their RRC Team- truly spectacular brewed-beverage products and quality-driven service. In fact, if or when “service emergencies” arise (and trust us, they do), you can simply call our Emergency Service line, and we’ll rush products or maintenance out to get you back up and running.

We do all of this and more because we’re passionate about our customers’ experience! We’re family-owned and operated, with two generations of the Melancon family here at your service every day, and we hope that our commitment to you influences your decision when choosing a brewed-beverage service partner. It speaks to the special care we take in serving you.

Our goals for our Brewed-Beverage Service are to excel in:

  • Providing the freshest small-batch-roasted, hand-packaged coffees
  • Providing & maintaining industry-leading equipment & break room supplies
  • Never leaving you hanging when supplies run low or equipment breaks down
  • Constantly listening to you to improve upon what we do

As a team, everyone at RRC is committed to these principles, so you get the very best brewed-beverage experience for your business at remarkably fair prices. After all, that’s what you’d expect from your friends and neighbors!

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